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Random Thought: Classical Conditioning

Out of all the educational resources Berkeley has to offer, I’d have to say webcasting is high up in my tier list. I can keep up with schoolwork even when I oversleep for my 2PM CS lecture with the amazing Professor Harvey. By dinner time, the recorded video of his lecture would be available, and […]

Reflection: Berkeley

Berkeley. That word used to have so many different meaning. Mysterious, gloomy, an institution for super smart young minds to be educated by Stalin-like figures in a totalitarian method twenty-six hours a day, eight days a week, because clearly that’s how they do it in Soviet Russia. Its meaning became increasingly dynamic since school progressed. […]

Life Lesson: Interpreting Quotes

I’ve been lazy for these past months. If it wasn’t for a sudden realization while lying on my bed today, this post would probably take another month to write. As the May 1st deadline of submitting the Statement of Intent to Register approaches, Carson is still confused as to where to spend his next four […]