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Category Archives: Rants

A Tip to Recruiters

Here’s a pro tip to recruiters: format your emails. I automatically delete 90% of recruiter emails without reading, and in the rare occasion where I actually open your email, at least make it easy for me to read it. You have 10 seconds to pitch before I press shift-3. Also, don’t use an email address […]

First real frustration since I arrived in HKUST

There is nothing else I despise in this world than self-righteous yet incompetent people. Here’s an unbiased but abridged story: I got my Comp 303 Project 1 (a Flash game) scores back, and I saw a 94. Curious of how I lost 6 points, I went to the grader. Let’s cal this guy “G”. G: […]

Gmail security vulnerability?

This has happened to me twice now – getting my Gmail password reset after coming back from a trip. It reaffirms that no one should use email as file storage. It’s ridiculous. The first time it happened, I had no way to recover it except by remembering exactly when I started using Gmail, Calendar, Docs, […]