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Category Archives: Random Thoughts

Language Gap

You can’t make this stuff up: Jessy: My favorite domestic land animal is a puppy Dad: Domestic? what about international? Jessy: What’s international? like wild? Dad: What’s wild? Jessy: Wild like wild animal! My favorite wild animal is the polar bear cub. Dad: Polar bear? I guess that’s international.

Time Machine

If playing RPG games has ever taught me something, it’s this: Saved states will lead us to care little about which path to walk down, which reward to choose, and which dialog bubble to click on. Parallel this to life? If we had a time machine, we wouldn’t care how we live our life because […]

American Express

DOW component: American Express Company (AXP) Recommendation: Buy Time Frame: Six months, re-evaluate at the end of the year Why AXP? (Fundamental Analysis): AXP serves a global payment system. Its primary products are credit cards and other payment options for tourists, consumers, and corporate, such as charging and lending cash on credit, issuing traveler checks, […]

Random Thought: Handicapped Bathroom Stalls

Ever noticed why the large handicapped stalls in most bathrooms are always, on average, the cleanest? I’ve been dying to figure out this phenomenon. Are handicapped people cleaner? Are the non-handicapped people that use handicapped stalls also cleaner, so they always pick the cleanest stall, which happens to be the handicapped one, and clean it […]

Random Thought: Parallel Processing

Instead of watching CS 61B Webcast like my schedule says, I’m wasting time watching the YouTube Orchastra. Apparently, YouTube chose people around the world to perform this new piece of classical music that is supposed to be really famous, but I’ve never heard of it. While I was watching one of the selected clarinetists, I […]

A hippo story

In Faraway Land, there once lived a hippo named Jane. Since she was three, she has been dreaming of dancing gracefully like a ballerina. One day, she told her friends about her dream. They mocked her heavy mass that prohibited her from spinning and rotating, and her abbreviated arms that were too little to reach […]

Protected: The next step in artificial intelligence

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

3 Gallons of water from brushing teeth a day? Really?

You would think Cal students are smart enough to do some basic math, but “conserve water!” posters in the bathrooms definitely do not reflect that. In solid bold and black serif, it says that we use 40 gallons of water every 10 minutes showering, and 3 gallons a day brushing our teeth. I don’t know […]

Random Thought: Classical Conditioning

Out of all the educational resources Berkeley has to offer, I’d have to say webcasting is high up in my tier list. I can keep up with schoolwork even when I oversleep for my 2PM CS lecture with the amazing Professor Harvey. By dinner time, the recorded video of his lecture would be available, and […]

Random Thought: Life of a h4xx0r

Whether they wear black hats or white hats, hackers are networking specialists. They solve problems objectively and efficiently. Recently, I have experienced the extremes of both sides of the ethical spectrum, and found that each side’s works are vastly similar. Both of them do pen tests, publish papers, hold conferences, and develop software. It’s just […]