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Category Archives: Reflections

As we go on, we remember all the times we had together.

And as our lives change, we will still be friends forever. My first oversea trip since my arrival at Hong Kong ferried to Macau the 13 people I would later grow very fond of. The combination of cramming into two hotel rooms and Chanrith’s special talents, our travel group got cozy almost overnight. Throughout the […]

Three months as a Summer Intern at LinkedIn

As a member of the first graduating class of LinkedIn Interns, I am proud to say that this summer has far exceeded my expectations, and I came already with a high expectation after turning down a few other offers. I remember when I first left my resume with Doris at the Berkeley spring career fair, […]

Explaining the Internet

Spending half an hour explaining what the Internet is and how we can’t bring it with us on a camping trip to a whining baby is FRUSTRATING! Try it. How can you put this commonly known, yet less intuitive term in plain English, without using words like “connection”, “network”, or “browser”?

Reflection: 3A/4C

“It’s been 10 years.” has been a phrase I imagined to be confined within the television’s black frame, somewhere far out there. It’s something people say to each other after a horrible dispute, usually between white-haired men with faces full of wrinkles. Yesterday, these four syllables came from me, and it was not about a […]

Reflection: Procrastination

It has become totally obvious to me the main reason I study. Why do I bury myself in textbooks, stacks of binder papers, some stationery, and a 15.4 inch LCD screen littered with wikis, when I could go out there and hang out with friends, or at the minimum just lie on my bed and […]

Reflection: Berkeley

Berkeley. That word used to have so many different meaning. Mysterious, gloomy, an institution for super smart young minds to be educated by Stalin-like figures in a totalitarian method twenty-six hours a day, eight days a week, because clearly that’s how they do it in Soviet Russia. Its meaning became increasingly dynamic since school progressed. […]