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My travel blog of my semester at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

A Chinese Traditional Funeral

I had to get up at 9am to go to a funeral between 10 and 12, the “right” hours. A few things I learned – 1. The urn is not allowed to be directly under the sky, so you open up an umbrella even in the day. 2. Souls eat and drink alcohol. 3. There’s […]

Family Property

Took a little trip to see some ancient family properties. It’s a few acres of farmland, houses, and mountains that were all confiscated by the communists back in the days. Thinking about the would-be’s and the may-be’s, I think whatever happened, happened for the better. Farmland is nice to have, but I’d rather live in […]

Chinese kids are born to be engineers

I said it would take a long time for China as a whole to be more civilized and less chaotic. I am also predicting, after what I saw today, that it would take a shorter time for China to produce the world’s top innovations. On a little stroll down to a local school, I saw […]

Scenery of Guilin is the finest under heaven

I arrived at the harsh and cold morning of Guilin at 7 in the morning, sleepy and tired from staying alert all night. While meandering the city, I took a bunch of interesting photos. Guilin is a mix of Bali and Shenzhen – a developing city built right in the center of a ring of […]

Leaving for Guilin

Train travel used to have so much appeal back in the days. It was part of the vacation, not just a mean of transportation. So, I’ve opted to take the train to Guilin. It’s a 13-hour red-eye train, departing Shenzhen at 6, and arriving at Guilin at 7. Except, this was definitely white-eye for me […]

Cramming for finals

The main reason I’m cramming for finals this early is because I am going to Guilin for a week tomorrow. It was supposed to be 4 days of visiting relatives, and 4 days of touring Guilin with the rest of the travel group. I just found out there is a very high chance that none […]

Happy Valley Horse Racing

Day or night no longer mattered to me by this point. When I woke up at 6pm from one of my phases, I found out we were going to bet on some horses at Causeway Bay. Dinner and a few hours later, we arrived at the Happy Valley Racing course. Entrance fee was only $10, […]

Polyphasic sleep

To maximize my study time to cram for finals, I am trying out polyphasic sleep. Last time I tried it, I didn’t have enough willpower to continue, or ways to use the extra time. Sleeping for an hour after every five hours I spend awake, I only end up spending 4 hours sleeping a day, […]

Tailored suits and dress shirts at Shenzhen are incredibly cheap

If you are looking for a new suit or tuxedo, I highly recommend getting them tailored in Shenzhen. Luohu Commercial City, the mall right past the Luohu/Luowu entrance to China houses a ton of fashion stores. The tailor we found only charged us 650RMB for a 3 piece suit (jacket, vest, slacks) of any style. […]

I was stuck in lab all day working on project

Here’s an awfully familiar story: Guy wakes up, eat, goes straight to the computer lab, codes for 10 hours in a row without break or blink, then goes home and sleeps. That was my life at Berkeley during project weeks, and I would never thought I’d encounter that while abroad at HK. Good thing is […]