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Author Archives: Anhang Zhu

I am a computer science student at UC Berkeley with a high interest in Social Networking, the Internet, and Web development in Ruby on Rails and jQuery.

There is some truths in this

between the ages of 10 and 20, people who are most envied are those with beauty; between the ages of 20 and 30, people who are most envied are those who’ve found love; between the ages of 30 and 40, people who are most envied are those whose children are ones they can be proud […]

Facebook Hacker Cup Round 1A

I stayed up till 7AM today for this, because I’m going to be busy all weekend. Too bad the submissions were all invalidated and pushed back a week, though. Here are the solutions, in Ruby as usual: After the Dance Battle: (note: I used Dijkstra’s to search paths, but in reality, you just need BFS. […]

Facebook Hacker Cup Qualifications Round

Waking up late because of last night’s crazy party, I decided to check out the problems of Facebook Hacker Cup. I spent 30 minutes on the first problem (Double Squares) before realizing the obvious solution. It’s actually really easy – four lines of ruby code excluding the method definition lines. I didn’t know about the […]

As we go on, we remember all the times we had together.

And as our lives change, we will still be friends forever. My first oversea trip since my arrival at Hong Kong ferried to Macau the 13 people I would later grow very fond of. The combination of cramming into two hotel rooms and Chanrith’s special talents, our travel group got cozy almost overnight. Throughout the […]

Repulse Bay looks like Morocco

What better way to spend Christmas than to shop for souvenirs at Stanley Market and walking on a nice beach? I shopped for a bunch of gifts and Hong Kong trinkets at the Stanley Market. The prices at some stores are all right, but most stores in the front are total rip-offs. I really enjoyed […]

Sharp Island feels like Bali, except it is three miles away from HKUST

HKUST is built on the side of a mountain next to the sea, overlooking most of Sai Kung minor outlying islands. I have been wanting to go on one of those deserted islands for a long time, and letting an opportunity like this pass is like not selling your Tech stocks in 1999 when you […]

International Finance Centre, Bird Market, and Flower Market

Trying to pack as much events as possible in our last days in Hong Kong, we visited the International Finance Centre (IFC) in Central in the morning. The MTR took us right inside IFC One, the shorter brother of the more iconic IFC Two. Since the observatory in IFC Two had a long wait-time, we […]

The highest point in Hong Kong is not the tip of a skyscraper

It’s actually Victoria Peak! I woke up really early in the morning to grab amazing views of the Hong Kong skyline before it gets too crowded. A short tram ride and some walking later, we arrived at a set of lions guarding a stone arch. Passing through the arches, I was dazed by what stood […]

Everything will come around in the end, including having Seafood at Sai Kung

One of the earliest places we dined in HK was at Chuen Kee Seafood. Today, we revisited the place for old time’s sake, even though we lost Candace and her friends. We ordered the twelve people set dish, which came with twelve delicious dishes. Combined with Ian’s three vegetarian dishes and six bottles of beer, […]

Sawadee Thailand is a standard Thai food place in Sai Kung

In the midst of studying for finals, Bell wants to release some steam by having Thai food. She’s been eying that Thai place in the middle of an alley for a long time. I admit it offers some exotic dishes, but most of them start to taste the same after a few minutes. My tongue […]