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[College Tips] Use less salt, eat less sodium


In college, you will eat lots of high sodium meals and snacks. Energy drinks, soda, potato chips, burgers, fries, pizza, chicken strips, ramen, etc are all high in sodium. Since too much sodium is bad for you, try to consume less of it when cooking in your own apartment.

Here’s a convenient and easy way to limit the amount of salt added to your home cooked meal:

You might want to buy a container of salt to begin with. Once you have your 89 cent salt can, rip out the seal. Normal people would pull open the metal chute to pour salt. However, as Berkeley engineers, we are going to do this a better way. With the chute closed, take your nails and push into the pivot of the chute, where it is connected to the can. Flip the can upside down. Salt should start flowing ever so thinly out of the can. Ta-da!

Photo for illustration:

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