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Facebook Hacker Cup Qualifications Round

Waking up late because of last night’s crazy party, I decided to check out the problems of Facebook Hacker Cup. I spent 30 minutes on the first problem (Double Squares) before realizing the obvious solution. It’s actually really easy – four lines of ruby code excluding the method definition lines. I didn’t know about the 6 minute limits from generating input file to submitting the output file, so I couldn’t submit my solutions to the first problem. Seeing that I had another half an hour before I should start being productive, I did problem 3 (Studious Students) really quickly. Contrary to Facebook’s suggestions of using dynamic programming instead of brute-force, I coded up a brute-force algorithm (Permute + minimum); simple and runs fairly fast.

Solution to Question 1: Double Squares (Ruby)

def fun(n)
total = 0.0
(0..(Math.sqrt(n).floor)).each { |i| (total += 1) if is_int(Math.sqrt(n-(i**2.0))) }
return (total/2).ceil

def is_int(n)
n.to_i == n

).each{|i| puts fun(i.to_i)}

Solution to Question 3: Studious Students (Ruby)

def fun(str)
arr = str.split(” “)
arr.shift{|a| a + “{“}{|a| a[0,a.length-1]} #{ is z’s charcode + 1. This ensures “a” to be sorted after “az”.
end“input.txt”, “r”)
total = f.readline.to_i
( do |i|
puts fun(f.readline)

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