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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Late night at Choi Hung Village

Seafront Canteen is just not enough to contain our hunger for Hong Kong food anymore. Lucky for us, right outside the Choi Hung MTR station is the entrance to a village. A few street food restaurants hollered for our business. We sat right down and ordered some of the biggest dishes I’ve seen at a […]

Lan Kwai Fong Carnival 2010

LKF Carnival is nothing I’ve seen before. Yes I’ve been to a fair; yes I’ve been to a carnival; and yes I have been to bars and clubs. But this… this is something else. It’s a mixture of street fair, bars and clubs, and Toys “R” Us. Being both kids friendly and adult friendly, the […]

Julius’s Birthday, Lisa’s sending off, and Korean BBQ

Today is Julius’s Birthday and Lisa’s last day in Hong Kong before going off to Thailand for two weeks to work on some humanitarian project involving house building. Sounds like another vacation to me, but she insists it’s to help people in need. Anyways, following our success at finding a cheap, good, Korean BBQ buffet […]

Graduation Ceremony is called Congregation in HKUST, and is super important

The 18th congregation is happening. All entrances and exits to the Atrium has been sealed off to fit a few hundred graduating students. What does that mean for us undergrads still seeking a degree and going to class? Massive detour. I never thought how vital the atrium is until it’s gone. All major paths between […]

Temple street night market at Yau Ma Tei

I had two dinners today. Earlier dinner at LG5 canteen, and the later one at the Temple street night market, which Lisa insisted on going. Contrasting Hong Kong’s glamorous skyscrapers to the dirty, down-to-earth night market, it’s quite a thought on how much Hong Kong has to offer culturally. Street vendors selling goods ranging from […]

Singapore-Bali Trip Day 8: Singapore Reunion

I finally had a chance to meet up old family friends at Singapore today. Ten years is a long time; people are right at using it as a measurement of a complete physical change. What struck me the most was how big David has grown; the once short little boy is now big and buff, […]

Singapore-Bali Trip Day 7: Prancing in waves

Sleeping in to get rid of hangovers, we went down to the local beach after an Indonesian lunch at the villa. Bright azure skies awakened me as I squinted to navigate the white and sandy beach, whose length cannot be captured by the widest lens. My attempts of body surfing induced much salt and sand […]

Singapore-Bali Trip Day 6: Dinner at Jimbaran Beach

My long day of cultural exhibitions and street haggling ended with a dinner by the sun setting beach, accompanied by live music, the gentle brushing of ocean waves, and of course, seven of my favorite people whom I’ve become a little too comfortable with. The guitar strumming of the Balinese band that played “Dancing Queen” […]

Singapore-Bali Trip Day 5: Payung White Water Rafting

The famous Bali suckling pig tasted more tender than anything I’ve had, yet its skin is crisper than Beijing Duck. It’s a must-try if I ever come back again. Among the many things we’ve done today, white water rafting is definitely the most unforgettable experience. Although going up to Payung Rafting took longer than expected, […]

Singapore-Bali Trip Day 4: Bali Pat Mesa Villa

Checked into our second place of stay – a three-bedroom, secluded villa with a kitchen, dining room, living room, a private pool, and a larger, more public pool. Take a second to let that sink in – yes, we are millionaires that spend half a million per meal. It’s going to take a long time […]