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Julius’s Birthday, Lisa’s sending off, and Korean BBQ

Today is Julius’s Birthday and Lisa’s last day in Hong Kong before going off to Thailand for two weeks to work on some humanitarian project involving house building. Sounds like another vacation to me, but she insists it’s to help people in need. Anyways, following our success at finding a cheap, good, Korean BBQ buffet few weeks ago, we went to another franchise of the same restaurant in Causeway Bay. Mouthwatering meat and fresh fruits magically transpired while I greedily dumped the raw food into our melting hot stove. Two hours later, I sat in my plushy seat crammed with yummy nutrients.

The entire time, Julius said something about paying half of something. His German accent was a little hard to understand, so we thought he meant we are paying for his share. Fair enough, because usually we pay for the birthday boy’s share anyways. When the check finally came, he pulled out his wallet, ready to cover the meal for all 14 of us. He claims it’s German custom for the birthday person to pay for the meal. He may be right, but he is dining with a bunch of Americans, and the majority silenced his wallet. We all split the bill for Julius.

Misunderstanding leads to problems, but luckily this is not that big of a deal.

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