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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Polyphasic sleep

To maximize my study time to cram for finals, I am trying out polyphasic sleep. Last time I tried it, I didn’t have enough willpower to continue, or ways to use the extra time. Sleeping for an hour after every five hours I spend awake, I only end up spending 4 hours sleeping a day, […]

Tailored suits and dress shirts at Shenzhen are incredibly cheap

If you are looking for a new suit or tuxedo, I highly recommend getting them tailored in Shenzhen. Luohu Commercial City, the mall right past the Luohu/Luowu entrance to China houses a ton of fashion stores. The tailor we found only charged us 650RMB for a 3 piece suit (jacket, vest, slacks) of any style. […]

I was stuck in lab all day working on project

Here’s an awfully familiar story: Guy wakes up, eat, goes straight to the computer lab, codes for 10 hours in a row without break or blink, then goes home and sleeps. That was my life at Berkeley during project weeks, and I would never thought I’d encounter that while abroad at HK. Good thing is […]

A day of events as Dad’s substitute

My Friday started when a phone call woke me up – a PhD student of my Dad’s old PhD professor invited me for lunch with the rest of my Dad’s old crew. They were celebrating the professor’s retirement, and I was supposed to represent my dad. The fancy eight course lunch at the university restaurant […]

Bell and Carson’s Birthday Celebration: Day 3

Thanksgiving! Cantonese food is a great substitute for Pilgrim food. Strangely, turkey in Hong Kong is pretty much nonexistent until Christmas, so to celebrate Thanksgiving, we ordered two whole chickens as substitution. When we got back from Mong Kok, Helen and Carson played an elaborate trick on Bell, making her think we weren’t getting her […]

Bell and Carson’s Birthday Celebration: Day 2

Going out on a Wednesday night is totally rebellious, and that’s exactly what our little unruly group did to celebrate Bell and Carson’s 21st and 22nd birthdays. We tried doing it the cheap way – getting our drinks from 7-Eleven and then going into a club with no cover charge. However, bouncers bounced us out […]

Bell and Carson’s Birthday Celebration: Day 1

Carson Tang celebrated his 21st birthday today by preying upon the cake, devouring only until the last smudge of frosting has been wiped off the golden base. Sometime after we finished eating, Bell and Helen decorated Carson’s face with lots of white creme and a plate when he was off guard. Then, Nima persuaded Carson […]

Disneyland Hong Kong epitomizes businesses in Asia

I had roughly three hours of sleep before waking up this morning at 8:30 to buy the long-desired Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens. On my 1.6x crop camera body, that’s basically 80mm, perfect for shooting portraits; and where is the best place to test out taking portraits besides Disneyland? To get to the happiest […]

Early Christmas Decorations in Causeway Bay (and probably all of Hong Kong)

After finally finishing the seemingly easy yet difficult algorithms homework, the crew meandered to Causeway Bay, dining at Mos Burger (amazing, mind you) at Hang Hau right beforehand. The Causeway Bay mall is rightfully named Times Square. Christmas decorations sat in front of the mall. We lingered with our fancy cameras for a long time, […]

Some advice for future HKUST EAP participants

May asked the current EAP kids for advice to give to the next year’s participants. Here’s a quick list I came up with, archived here for more broadcasting power. Buy an Octopus Card at the MTR station at the airport, regardless of weather you choose to take MTR or taxi to the university Buy a […]