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Monthly Archives: October 2010

First large order from Bar 6

Last night, Bar 6 got an order for 100 bottles of Tsing Tao beer and 20 bottles of Andre champagne. I thought they were kidding. We haggled for a while, and settled at a pretty good price – $400 profit margin. Nima and I bought all the Andre from the Parknshop in Po Lam, all […]

A man must be able to lift another completely wasted man even when he is also drunk

No, I didn’t go clubbing this Saturday night. Instead, I was actually the one carrying wasted people this time. Happily working on my flash game project late at night, Helen called me to warn me about the incoming car of drunk, smelly, and heavy people. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, because both Michael […]

The worst part about traveling is acquiring the Visa

Following on our free tickets to Singapore, I ditched my morning class to apply for Singapore Visa. Since I’m the only person that needed a visa even though I’m also the only person who has ever lived or even been there, I had to go solo. The consulate only accepts visa applications between 10am and […]

Schoolwork is finally up to par with Berkeley’s

This is more like Berkeley – Two homework assignments, two large projects, and 5 midterms are all due by the end of this month. I spent today finishing one assignment due tomorrow, and shooting some hoops with Nima.

Free tickets to Singapore!

Following our success in reaching first place at a Facebook game, we’ve also won six round-trip flights from Hong Kong to Singapore! Immediately upon receiving our e-tickets, the crew came together to decide when and how we are going to spend this amazing SG$1900 reward. Some suggested the last week of October, and some even […]

Most expensive dinner at Hong Kong

Stephan waved good bye to his teenage years today with the witness of 14 of his friends. The dinner celebration was at a Koran BBQ place in Central. Most people go there before Stephan himself, because he went with Chanrith and Nima to Sai Kung after hearing about the nice beach there. We had reservations […]

Windsurfing in Sai Kung is cheap, fun, and lethal

I tried windsurfing for the first time today. After my only class ended at 2:30, I headed for Sai Kung; except this time, I wasn’t there to eat seafood. The beach is beautiful. Luscious palm trees and paradisiac islands were not far from reach. I just had to surf over on my windsurf board that […]

Dim sum at Lin Heung brings back the 80s

I’ve never lived in the 80s, nor do I intend to, but to me, Hong Kong in the 80s was all about Jackie Chan films and eating dim sum upstairs in a loud and dirty restaurant with good views. That was exactly what Lin Heung was. Catered by a team of waiters and waitresses three […]

Shooting an arrow may make you feel badass, but hitting the bullseye makes you Legolas

First archery practice! Twenty minutes of safety precautions and protocols were more than compensated by the two-and-a-half hours of free shooting. Nima and I started with a clean target sheet. By the end of the session, almost all yellow (the 10-point circle and bullseye circle) were torn off by the constant darting of yours truly. […]

National Day Fireworks at Tsim Sha Tsui

October 1st is China’s National Day. Hong Kong celebrated by having a large fireworks display over Victoria Harbor. At first, we were going to go up to Victoria Peak for it, but because of the crowd, we chose to just watch it at TST. Police sealed off lots of the road for safety issues, especially […]