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First real frustration since I arrived in HKUST

There is nothing else I despise in this world than self-righteous yet incompetent people. Here’s an unbiased but abridged story:

I got my Comp 303 Project 1 (a Flash game) scores back, and I saw a 94. Curious of how I lost 6 points, I went to the grader. Let’s cal this guy “G”.

G: Your random actions are not random enough, I don’t feel the randomness, so I graded you down for that.
A: It’s random, I assure you. Why don’t you read the code?
G: I didn’t read the code when I graded this project
A: Oh I see… could you read it please?
(a long time of my convincing him)
G: All right, but I don’t usually do this.
(another few minutes of my pointing out the one line of code that generates the randomness)
G: You only get 3 points back.

At this point, I was late for my class, so I gave up and left. Throughout the day, it just didn’t sit well. I mean, this guy graded my project based on how he feels, not how I coded it? He doesn’t “feel” my randomness as random enough, so he thinks it’s not random? I don’t “feel” that he should be a student here, so he must not be a student here.

I grabbed my laptop and started typing away an email, half ridiculing and all factual:

Dear Professor and G,
I am merely unconvinced with the arguments G provided, which to me, seems like a disregard of the fundamentals of engineering and computer science. We are engineers, not authors or artists who can get away with simply stating a product or feature doesn’t “feel” right.

To which, G replied:

As a game, if it doesn’t “feel” right, then it is not right. No one views source code when playing a game, same as marking a game. You can treat the loss as a reminder. When you are really making some products, you are making people feel happy, and that’s the only rule in the industry. Forget about the “fundamentals” shit, people who judge just don’t care.

Excuse me? You are a grader. I paid you to grade my assignments, not to screw around, play the game, and disregard the source code. That’s not how you grade a project. Proper grading is to carefully go down every requirement listed in the project specifications the instructor provided and check it against my assignment. Yes, I’m sorry you have to read code.

Hilariously, the professor eventually replied:

Hi G,
If it satisfies the marking scheme, then it has to get the marks.

Guess what G said in return?

Without looking at his code, I really can’t tell whether it does.
If this is OK, I will add back the points.

I almost fell off my chair from laughter. No shit you have to read code. Incompetent people like you hinder the world’s progress.

The random strings I found in my lunch did not help the day either.

Random stuff in my lunch at LG5

Random stuff in my lunch at LG5

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