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Renowned Da Ping Huo is spicy, but only fiery to the untrained few

By now, both Vinny and Stephan have blogged about our adventure at Da Ping Huo, so I’m going to say that I had high expectations for this place. Reviews from openrice and a few other sources claim that Da Ping Huo is known for serving extremely spicy Sichuan food. Knowing I had a good amount of tolerance for chili, I agreed to go check it out.

The entrance is well-hidden – a hole in the wall of an ancient-looking apartment building. The insides, however, is extra comfortable and welcoming, just like the host. Anyways, straight to my point – Our dinner was a twelve course meal:

口水鸡 – Braised Chicken with Sichuan Spices in Hot Chili Oil
鸡豆花 – Sauteed Assorted Mushrooms and White Cabbage with Minced Chicken
红烧牛肉 – Stewed Beef Brisket and Tendons in Spicy Gravy
粉蒸排骨 – Steamed Pork Ribs with Jenrofen Powder
川味泡椒虾 – Spicy Prawn
麻婆豆腐 – Braised Diced Bean Curd with Minced Beef in Hot Chili Sauce (Mapo Tofu)
豌豆汤 – Vegetable Soup
钟水饺 – Sichuan Dumpling
雪耳豆腐花-Sweetened Bean Curd with White Fungus

The first three dishes were appetizers that I don’t have the names for.

To the avid Sichuan food critique, spotting the spicy dishes are simple: every other dish was a spicy dish, while the rest were designed to cool you down. Honestly, nothing was that spicy, at least to me. Even the Mapo Tofu, a popular spicy dish, was more tongue and lip numbing than flaming hot. Overall good food, but nothing too mesmerizing.

Entrace to Da Ping Huo. Literally a hole in the wall.

Entrace to Da Ping Huo. Literally a hole in the wall.

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