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National Day Fireworks at Tsim Sha Tsui

October 1st is China’s National Day. Hong Kong celebrated by having a large fireworks display over Victoria Harbor. At first, we were going to go up to Victoria Peak for it, but because of the crowd, we chose to just watch it at TST. Police sealed off lots of the road for safety issues, especially to prevent falling fireworks shells. The fireworks were amazing – some of the best I’ve ever seen. Red and green stars ricocheted through the smoky air caused by a series of yellow and purple oval shapes, whose glamor had just faded. Hearts and bauhinia blakeana (Hong Kong’s emblem) took the center stage right before the finale. At a minute before the end of the show, literally hundreds of fireworks went up the air, painting the entire harbor in a red-yellow hue. Screeches and explosions stunned every audience. The Vietnam war probably sounded just like that.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed during the whole experience was that even though the harbor was crowded with people, I felt relaxed. No one was pushing, and there were lots of personal space. I wouldn’t be so sure if anything close to this could be achieved in mainland China, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t happen for another 15 years.

Heart-shapped fireworks over Victoria Harbor

Heart-shaped fireworks over Victoria Harbor

Just like one of my shirts say, I <3 HK.

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