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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Singapore-Bali Trip Day 2: Club Zirca

I’m going to put this frankly – I was at a gay club today. Yes the homosexual kind, but rest assured, it wasn’t voluntary and I am not gay, not that I have anything against gay people. We figured since it’s Halloween, clubs are going to be completely packed. After hitting up a childhood friend […]

Singapore-Bali Trip Day 1: Singapore

Our Tiger Airlines jet took off as scheduled, arriving at Singapore at around 3. We checked into the Changi Village Hotel and headed to Clark Quay for some exploration. Since we had 6 people, we split into 2 taxis. Our taxi dropped us off at a wrong location, forcing us to walk a few blocks. […]

End of midterms has never felt this good

A whole 2 weeks of studying makes my upcoming week-long trip to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia that much more worth it. I probably studied harder here that I do back home, just because I think it’s totally embarrassing to score lower than even 5% of the class when the professors know where you are from. […]

First real frustration since I arrived in HKUST

There is nothing else I despise in this world than self-righteous yet incompetent people. Here’s an unbiased but abridged story: I got my Comp 303 Project 1 (a Flash game) scores back, and I saw a 94. Curious of how I lost 6 points, I went to the grader. Let’s cal this guy “G”. G: […]

Renowned Da Ping Huo is spicy, but only fiery to the untrained few

By now, both Vinny and Stephan have blogged about our adventure at Da Ping Huo, so I’m going to say that I had high expectations for this place. Reviews from openrice and a few other sources claim that Da Ping Huo is known for serving extremely spicy Sichuan food. Knowing I had a good amount […]

New Zealand Beef Steak is the new favorite canteen food

The New Zealand Beef Steak served at LG7 costs as much meat as it boasts. For $5 USD, you can get a 3/4 inch thick, medium cooked steak, complemented with rice, veggies, and soup. Midterms next two weeks! Blogging is going on the back burner.

Accident in Hall One mascot makes the Americans uneasy

Hall One had its opening celebration today in the Atrium. Their cardboard mascots guarded the hallway entrance like sentinels watching over passersby. However, a closer look at these paper decorations reveal something else perhaps overlooked by the overseer. The mascots, hanging along the walkway, were constructed with black cardboard paper. It seems to be soaring […]

Study night at the library

An interesting observation with HKUST’s academic schedule is that there is only one midterm for the semester, so there is “the midterm” for a class, instead of “midterm 1” for a class. These midterms all happen within two weeks of each other – I have four midterms across two days next week, and two more […]

A little wine-tasting at home

While browsing down the alcohol aisle at Parknshop, I found out that there is actually quite a selection of fine red and white wine for sale, at buy-one-get-one free, then 15% more off if we buy 6. Bar 6 ended up with 6 bottles of wine for $80 HKD, a tiny $10 USD! Chanrith, Nima, […]

International Games Night

Helen bought some tickets to this board game night event, so we all just showed up barely knowing what was going on. International and exchange students gathered in a medium-sized common room to play some telephone charades, poker, and other games. Stephan won two sets of poker chips and a deck of cards, which are […]