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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Shanghai Quartet Concert and Sushi One

A few days ago, UST offered some free tickets to the Shanghai Quartet Concert at Central. We asked for eight tickets, but only seven went because Nima lost his ticket. During intermission, we talked about sushi, Sushi One, and how much we all wanted raw fish. So, to satisfy our craving, we went to the […]

First UCLA football victory of the season. Turkeys roam the Unibar.

I woke up to the sound of cheers from Chanrith this morning. UCLA just won its first game of the season. (Hell, it’s about time.) To celebrate, the UCLA kids went to the Unibar at night. Most of us just ate chicken wings, even though we were at a bar.

Ocean Park is where pandas do nothing but sleep

Pandas are lazy. They literally eat and sleep all day. Ocean Park has 4 pandas, An An, Jia Jia, Ying Ying, and Le Le. Between an hour’s time, An An and Jia Jia ate bamboos and Ying Ying and Le Le slept. Why did we watch pandas eat and sleep for an hour? Well, the […]

New Town Plaza at Sha Tin

Friday night shopping! This time, we checked out New Town Plaza at Sha Tin. The mall is huge, but our strong will to shop managed to eventually conquer it. Chanrith, Carson, and I shopped like women – we spent a few hours buying clothes and durian. The food court on the 7th floor wasn’t very […]

KFC delivery, only in Asia

Everything American in Asia is high class. Pizza hut is a nice restaurant, and KFC is also a sit-down place that delivers to every corner of Hong Kong, even right to my dorm. Nima and I ordered HK$173 worth of chicken, rice, spaghetti, egg tart, and crisscut fries. Yes, KFC sells Chinese and Italian food. […]

Battle at LG1 Canteen

Finally a day with nothing major. Vinny and I spent most parts of our day making sure our trip to Shanghai is completely booked. We tried so many ways to payment, but finally bit the bullet and shelled over my Credit Card and 6% surcharge. Dinner today was at HKUST’s LG1 canteen. Even though I’ve […]

Peking Duck Spotted in Central!

Today the crew hit up some travel agencies in Central in search of good travel packages to Shanghai and Taiwan. The last firm we visited recommended a nice local Chinese restaurant a few blocks down the street called Treasure Lake. We walked through the drizzle, past the central market, and came to this decorated restaurant. […]

A Walk Along the Shores of HKUST

Still recovering from losing my voice in Macau, I played some basketball next to the ocean after lunch with Carson. Hot weather makes a perfect excuse to take off my shirt. In the night, the crew planned trips to Shanghai and Taiwan.

Macau: City of Dreams

My health hit its all-semester-low when I woke up between Stephan and Chanrith, or Chanrith and Carson… I don’t remember. Breakfast/lunch came in little cages of delight from a dimsum restaurant down the street. The weather turned against us during our meal, so making our way back to the hotel was almost lethal. I hid […]

Macau: Taipa

First day of our Macau trip, we landed on Taipa island, one of the three pieces of land that comprises Macau. Rain continued sparsely throughout our day, but we managed to stay relatively dry. Since we couldn’t check in until 2PM, we hopped onto the first shuttle we found, to City of Dreams. Walking past […]