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I need pants!

I NEED PANTS! I’ve been saying that ever since I got here; I’ve only brought 2 pairs of shorts, but this weather demands my showing of leg skin 24/7. I also wanted to buy some “I <3 HK” shirts to look more local, so we MTR’d our way to the infamous Mong Kok street vendors. Carson and I spent a good hour and a half haggling around the shacks. We finally got the shirts down to $100HKD for 6 shirts, from $39 each. It was more about practicing our Putonghua than actually wanting to pay less. One vendor immediately figured out we were Americans, because of our shoes and Carson’s UCLA shirt.

Mong Kok at night

Mong Kok at night

Shopping for non-name brands are so cheap! Chanrith bought some really nice (style and fabric) dress shirts for less than $60, that’s like $8.50 USD! Most of the sizes here are slim fit; surprisingly, or maybe not after what I did this summer, I couldn’t fit into some of the sizes. Nevertheless, I bought a tight shirt to make me feel like I’m buff. =]

Sometime during the night, we saw a group of tweenage girls harassing these four tall Asian guys for autograph. I did a full disk search in my tiny Asian pop star database – no dice. Carson went up to one of them and asked him who they were. The Yuyu-looking dude nicely told him that they are a new Cantopop band called “4anda” (like Panda, except with a 4, not four-and-a). Out of nowhere, an old guy shoves Carson a poster of the band. We gestured to the confused Carson to get poster signed by the singers. Let’s just wait; in a few years, that poster is going to be worth thousands, and we can claim to have met them on a random night at Mong Kok.

A member of 4anda signing Carson's poster

I still need pants.