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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Neway Karaoke in Mong Kok

I had expected Asia to have cheap karaoke, of all things. Neway Karaoke in Mong Kok did not meet that expectation. Costing $169 per person for four hours and two drinks, Neway is average. They have a good selection of Western music, which might be rare in Asia. On the up side, it seems like […]

New toys and decorations!

After a trip to Shanghai and Shenzhen, Nima and I bought so much useless stuff. Nima especially. His green frog kite is now hanging from the ceiling, acting as the first barrier of entering our room after the actual room door. The North Korean flag is flying high on his desk towards south, away from […]

Facebook games are addicting

The Atrium had recycling displays today. The crew found a Facebook game to play. We stayed up all the way to 4am, but our efforts were totally worth it. We won first place across all of Facebook! Besides bragging rights, there’s also monetary incentive, although I can’t disclose that just yet.

Shining High Powered Laser Through Leaves …

… in a dark room against a wall makes cool patterns and animations. Do try this at home. It’s really cool, and you need a video to show the animation. Our theory is that the little circles are cells. Initially when laser is shined, we observed a lot of moving and shuffling. Eventually, layers and […]

Shenzhen: SEG Plaza is Truly Geek Heaven

I woke up in a fat lounge chair at Queen Spa to Adam’s wide grin. Lunch was right across the road at a random Chinese sit-down place. Vinny, Mel, and Adam left us to go back early, and the rest of us hit up SEG Plaza. According to our Taxi driver, this 71 floor mall […]

Shanghai: Nanjing Walking Street is pretty, but has no cultral value

A walk down the famous Nanjing Walking Street reminded me of New York’s 5th Avenue and HK Tsim Sha Tsui’s Canton Road. Medium to high class clothing stores welcomed millions of tourists. Between the stores thrived booths of Shanghai street food and western fast food chains. I wanted to visit something more cultural, so the […]

Shanghai: World Expo 2010 tells me I should not live in Shanghai

I refuse to live in a crowded city with people with no respect for space. Ever. With all these fuzz surrounding Expo, it’s hard not to visit it. After all, the point of the trip was to go to Expo. Our long day went from 5:30 AM to 3 AM, almost 24 hours. We rushed […]

Shanghai: The Bund

It’s been a well-packed day. We rode the bus for 2 Yuan to the Yuyuan Garden, had the famous Nanxiang xiaolongbao for lunch, checked out The Bund, went up the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and walked by the new Shanghai Apple store. The Bund summarizes China’s recent economic boom, but also underscores the overpopulation […]

Shanghai: Arrival

Today, I arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport with possibly the most diverse group I’ve traveled with – a Persian terrorist, a Canadian guy, a Thai princess, a British small town girl, a New Yorker, a Cambodian guy, a Taiwanese guy, a fake Cantonese guy, a Vietnamese girl, a Jewish guy, and a Chinese National. We […]

Moon Festival Pre-party at Hall VI!

I was a walking bank, carrying something like 20k HKD around in cash because people payed me back for the Shenzhen-Shanghai flight. After I got back, our floor celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival by having a party where we ate moon cakes and socialized, except we didn’t do too much socializing. The locals keep to themselves […]