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Seafood at Sai Kung

Michael recommended us that amazing seafood lives on the shores of Sai Kung, so I suggested to have dinner over there. Stephan brought his HKU friends over, and we suddenly had 11 people, over our 8 person reservation. These HK restaurants know how to do business; they found a nice round table at the top of the building with a nice bay view. We ordered seven seafood dishes, a vegetable dish, and chicken feet. Lobster, clam, fish, abalone, crab, shrimp, and more shrimps made up our seven delicious dishes. The fish was a classic – steamed Cantonese-style, with onion and ginger slices decorating the top and edges. The tough red lobsters swam in an Alfredo-like pasta soup; it’s nothing I’ve seen before. The shrimps were prepared the same as my parents always do. Pan friend vegetables accompanied cracked crabs in a murky looking sauce. I haven’t spent so much money on a meal in a long time… 25 USD! It was all well-worth it, of course.

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant at Sai Kung

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