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The Prelude

The longest day of my life started at 9 AM on August 24. Pack, bank, orthodontist, haircut, meeting with Github and BizDev, pack, shower, pack, pick up Nima, and… airport! We managed to confuse the check-in receptionists with our family mob and seat permutations, and met other HKUST-bound engineers at the terminal – Adam, Ian, and David.

Singapore Airlines totally lived up to its reputation as one of the best airlines in the world. They serve Singapore Sling and some other decent wine to Economy class! I did no sleeping on the flight though, because the in-flight entertainment system was too distractingly awesome. I learned some simple Cantonese phrases and watched Iron Man 2. The guy sitting next to me was apparently an esteemed civil engineer and is responsible for railroad designs and implementations all over the world. We chatted until our Boeing-777 pulled into the terminal. Hong Kong!

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