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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Lantau Island

Today I went on the Lantau Island tour, a whole-day social event bringing together exchange and visiting students of HKUST. Some cool people shared the same tour group as me, like Marc from Spain, and this Norwegian girl whose name I still cannot pronounce, even after multiple introductions. The cable car going up to the […]

Seafood at Sai Kung

Michael recommended us that amazing seafood lives on the shores of Sai Kung, so I suggested to have dinner over there. Stephan brought his HKU friends over, and we suddenly had 11 people, over our 8 person reservation. These HK restaurants know how to do business; they found a nice round table at the top […]

Po Lam

Stephen found a nice mall nearby at Po Lam called Metro City Plaza. It looks like a nice place to shop for some cheap day-to-day ware, so we took a small bus over. Before we went inside the mall, we walked into a market. It was as real as a market gets – fresh vegetables […]

Tsim Sha Tsui

Visiting TST again after 14 years is exactly what I had expected – I remember nothing. Hong Kong skyline fogged too much, so the lasers at Symphony of Lights weren’t exactly defined. Well, that’s a minor detail about the light show, not enough to dethrone its status as one of the largest and most spectacul […]


First thing first – IT’S HOT AND HUMID! From eating at Ajisen Ramen at HKG to taxi ride to HKUST, I was sweating like a pig in my dress shirt and jeans. Technically, this is a new day; but since I hadn’t had any sleep, it feels like the same day. I lived most of […]

“Smoking Hot Bartenders” archive exposed

Adam retweeted this article from @newsycombinator a 2 hours ago. Since I’m taking an afternoon break from in the summer heat of Hong Kong, I decided to mess with the scam website. I figured they probably don’t have any real content on their server. With a little help from Firebug, I managed to find the […]

The Prelude

The longest day of my life started at 9 AM on August 24. Pack, bank, orthodontist, haircut, meeting with Github and BizDev, pack, shower, pack, pick up Nima, and… airport! We managed to confuse the check-in receptionists with our family mob and seat permutations, and met other HKUST-bound engineers at the terminal – Adam, Ian, […]

Gmail security vulnerability?

This has happened to me twice now – getting my Gmail password reset after coming back from a trip. It reaffirms that no one should use email as file storage. It’s ridiculous. The first time it happened, I had no way to recover it except by remembering exactly when I started using Gmail, Calendar, Docs, […]

Three months as a Summer Intern at LinkedIn

As a member of the first graduating class of LinkedIn Interns, I am proud to say that this summer has far exceeded my expectations, and I came already with a high expectation after turning down a few other offers. I remember when I first left my resume with Doris at the Berkeley spring career fair, […]

Mobile 2.0

to add connectivity, ubiquitous portability, and location-based services to enhance information and services found on the web.