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New Age Values

Not just Competing. Think Co-operating.
Not Career. Think Passion.
Not Market. Think Community.
Not just Profit. Think Thick Value.
Not Buy and Sell. Think Participate and Contribute.
Not just Author. Think Initiator.
Not just Managing. Think Leading.
Not just Education. Think Passion Nurturing.
Not mugging up and Memorizing. Think Imagination and (New) Innovation in schools.
Not Organization. Think Networked Value Creators.
Not Campaign. Think Movement.
Not Customers. Think Fans and Followers.
Not Brands. Think Personal Brands.
Not USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Think PVP (Personal Value Proposition). that’s what value you can bring to the society.

The true gift of the digital age isn’t information – it’s collaboration.

-Prabhakar Jampa

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