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Google Conference Bikes

Ever since Doris mentioned the Google Conference Bikes, I’ve been itching to get my butt on one of those. I finally got a chance to do that tonight! The usual kids were playing basketball at LinkedIn, where three out of six of us suffered injuries of varying degrees. When we decided to call it a night, I suggested the Google bike hunt.

Surprisingly, everyone was totally down. We each took a Google bike, strolled around Google, and spotted the legendary conference bike. It’s this 7-seater circular bike, with each rider facing inwards and one person steering. It took us up to the trail around the moonlit Shoreline Business Park.

Several scary occasions: going up and going down ramps; riding on bumpy, narrow, and unpaved road with the fear of popping tires; my retelling scary NASA stories; and getting stopped by Google patrol on our way back. For some reason, he let me go after I flashed my LinkedIn badge.

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