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Random Thought: Parallel Processing

Instead of watching CS 61B Webcast like my schedule says, I’m wasting time watching the YouTube Orchastra. Apparently, YouTube chose people around the world to perform this new piece of classical music that is supposed to be really famous, but I’ve never heard of it. While I was watching one of the selected clarinetists, I remembered how much I wanted a three thousand dollar clarinet in high school. At first I thought if I really had purchased one, it would have been a huge waste of money since I no longer play the clarinet. My other self, perhaps the wiser one, then told me that at the time the three thousand dollar clarinet probably mattered more than having a three thousand dollar laptop, or other interests I may now have.

Indeed, we should not limit ourselves or our children. The memory of desire is far more superior than the memory of denial, especially when it gives insights to human nature. I laugh now at what I did five years ago, and I know I will laugh again for the same reason five years from now. I’m not infinitely intelligent, therefore I cannot calculate life’s game tree, even with pruning. However, the more efficient the algorithm, the more levels deeper down we can search and evaluate.

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