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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Random Thought: Handicapped Bathroom Stalls

Ever noticed why the large handicapped stalls in most bathrooms are always, on average, the cleanest? I’ve been dying to figure out this phenomenon. Are handicapped people cleaner? Are the non-handicapped people that use handicapped stalls also cleaner, so they always pick the cleanest stall, which happens to be the handicapped one, and clean it […]

Random Thought: Parallel Processing

Instead of watching CS 61B Webcast like my schedule says, I’m wasting time watching the YouTube Orchastra. Apparently, YouTube chose people around the world to perform this new piece of classical music that is supposed to be really famous, but I’ve never heard of it. While I was watching one of the selected clarinetists, I […]

A hippo story

In Faraway Land, there once lived a hippo named Jane. Since she was three, she has been dreaming of dancing gracefully like a ballerina. One day, she told her friends about her dream. They mocked her heavy mass that prohibited her from spinning and rotating, and her abbreviated arms that were too little to reach […]