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Reflection: 3A/4C

“It’s been 10 years.” has been a phrase I imagined to be confined within the television’s black frame, somewhere far out there. It’s something people say to each other after a horrible dispute, usually between white-haired men with faces full of wrinkles.

Yesterday, these four syllables came from me, and it was not about a dispute at all. In fact, those words came with surprise and emotion when Yanyan found me on Facebook. This entry is dedicated to all of 4C!

I miss childhood innocence. The years I’ve spent in Singapore was carefree. There were none of those hostile and jealousy between so called “friends”, and none of the stress caused by adults that shatter the joy of learning and exploring the natural world… but I shall rant about that another day.

It’s true that my face might have stayed the same for these years, but my heart definitely grew. There are just so much to write and reminisce about that if I were to elaborate in complete English sentences, I might as well have written an autobiography. On a side note, that’s actually not a bad idea. I’ve always wanted to start a family tradition, and this could be it. Everyone in the family must write down what they had done every ten years. Anyways, here’s a list of memories.

– Being in Red House, the House that won sports day every year!
– Chinese orchestra… performing on stage.
– Bossed people around while I was a prefect
– Getting yelled by Ms. Lim everytime I forgot to bring things to school (One time I faked that I was sick during lunch so I can avoid abacus class that afternoon because I forgot to bring my abacus. I think Louis had to sit with me in the hall till the end of that day)
– Playing badminton and marbles with Kiathow and Bingliang
– Going to Edward’s house every afternoon until his mom got angry at me.
– Serving as class monitor for half a year (?) with Yanyan
– Helping Xianling with physics and math homework
– Drawing on people’s erasers
– Cleaning up the classroom (class duty?) with my group. (Pretended I didn’t know how to sweep the floor so I can make other people do it)
– Thinking Xueying was weird for have black as her favorite color
– Playing with PowerPoint in the computer lab
– Getting free toys from the lunch uncle that sold yogurt
– Feeding peacocks rubber band (I think it died the next week… not sure if it was because of the rubber band)
– One dollar chicken rice for lunch
– Learning sign language
– Party at JiaYong’s house and racing mini 4WD cars on his track (He also gave me a keychain that was a pig eating a cake on my birthday)
– Naughty Louis. I’m glad he grew up!
– Guowei Lau…sai 😀
– Called Maychew heavy on fitness day because she weighed more than I did. (Ms. Lim yelled at me after that, but I think Maychew didn’t care)
– Having the same birthday as Jonathan
– Breaking the piano in the music room
– “Animal toilet” hide out
– Hanging out with Lixuan
– Taking the school bus home with Jengyang

P.S. Sorry for not writing more letters and stay in touch. I’ve never forgotten you all though!

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