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Reflection: Procrastination

It has become totally obvious to me the main reason I study. Why do I bury myself in textbooks, stacks of binder papers, some stationery, and a 15.4 inch LCD screen littered with wikis, when I could go out there and hang out with friends, or at the minimum just lie on my bed and do nothing? I have no intent in keeping my parents happy with my grades, and no interest in bragging about them. I keep myself constantly busy to bury memories and events that I’d like to forget. For some reason, I had thought that not thinking about something is the best way to escape making a decision. Through these months away from home, reality hit multiple times. Each time, the feeling can be described as being stoned by hobos in the middle of the day: outrageous, aggrieved, and irritated.

What would I do during finals week, when I absolutely have to study, yet I had just come to the conclusion that I need to deal with current events on time. If only there are serializers in real life.

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