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Reflection: Berkeley

Berkeley. That word used to have so many different meaning. Mysterious, gloomy, an institution for super smart young minds to be educated by Stalin-like figures in a totalitarian method twenty-six hours a day, eight days a week, because clearly that’s how they do it in Soviet Russia.

Its meaning became increasingly dynamic since school progressed. Now it stands for lethal physics problems and mind-blowing CS ideas, daily greasy buffet and delicious chicken strips, synchronized showers and homework time, irregular sleeping and eating patterns, events with lots of free goodies and food, daily brawl battles and hall sports, and everything exciting yet stressful inclusive. As the first midterms approach, the first ones among countless other ones to come, leisure time became inversely proportional to study time. No longer do I have time for dota, sports, and *gasp* Facebook. Life became a simple sleep-eat-break-study cycle tainted by constant pressures – the pressure from parents to get a good GPA, the pressure from friends to hang out, and my inner pressure to deal with other issues.

The hero’s journey does not stop at simply passing the threshold and reaping the fruit of labor, but cycles back to the call of another adventure. After all, one can only bask in ones own glory so long before that glory becomes the norm, and hopefully life is not the norm but a cycle built on top of rife challenges.

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