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Monthly Archives: October 2008

3 Gallons of water from brushing teeth a day? Really?

You would think Cal students are smart enough to do some basic math, but “conserve water!” posters in the bathrooms definitely do not reflect that. In solid bold and black serif, it says that we use 40 gallons of water every 10 minutes showering, and 3 gallons a day brushing our teeth. I don’t know […]

Random Thought: Classical Conditioning

Out of all the educational resources Berkeley has to offer, I’d have to say webcasting is high up in my tier list. I can keep up with schoolwork even when I oversleep for my 2PM CS lecture with the amazing Professor Harvey. By dinner time, the recorded video of his lecture would be available, and […]

Reflection: Berkeley

Berkeley. That word used to have so many different meaning. Mysterious, gloomy, an institution for super smart young minds to be educated by Stalin-like figures in a totalitarian method twenty-six hours a day, eight days a week, because clearly that’s how they do it in Soviet Russia. Its meaning became increasingly dynamic since school progressed. […]