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Random Thought: Life of a h4xx0r

Whether they wear black hats or white hats, hackers are networking specialists. They solve problems objectively and efficiently. Recently, I have experienced the extremes of both sides of the ethical spectrum, and found that each side’s works are vastly similar. Both of them do pen tests, publish papers, hold conferences, and develop software. It’s just that the whites pen test legally, publish research papers, hold public conferences, and develop legit software. The blacks, obviously, pen test illegally, publish harmful tutorials, hold underground conferences, and develop stronger software for their own group.

I am tempted to join the next generation of network hackers and conduct research during college on these challenging yet captivating issues. I’m really proud of myself for figuring out these complicated sniffers, scanners, and remote access gadgets, but the real mechanics behind it are way more intricate and dense… and fun! I’m glad Berkeley created the Unix C shell, exposed WEP’s weaknesses, drafted a few encryption methods and the Berkeley algorithm. Anyways, I think I’m going to have something to bug those old Nobel laureates with next year.

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